ESTIVO is a Colombian beachwear Brand that was born nine years ago under the philosophy of going beyond bodies to focus in the person and loving women just the way they are.

ESTIVO is made for authentic people, with real bodies that feel good about themselves, people who cares about their figure in a healthy way and that understand the importance of having a balanced lifestyle.

Considering the humanistic philosophy that have characterized us we have evolve to conquer new segments, for us is important to go beyond and understand deeply the body, mind, and soul of our consumers, for whom we are a cheerful, fresh, and inclusive brand that walk by their side through the different stages of life.

That’s why besides our traditional WOMEN line we launched in 2016 three new ones: YOUNG, MEN and KIDS under the slogan “YOUTH…A STATE OF MIND” offering diversity of silhouettes, colors and fabrics that are easily adaptable to global trends and our consumer’s lifestyle.

Our priority is to be one step ahead and understand the changing needs of our clients, hence we have innovation as a constant for each season’s proposals.